About Sir Knight Brian

Take a moment to learn a bit about your next Grand Captain General...

  • Sir Knight Brian is a man of faith, an unabashed Christian, who understands that the modern world poses all varieties of issues to our faith.  In a world where it is inconvenient to be Christian in some cases, his support exists inside and outside of the Asylum.
  • Sir Knight Brian is a man who loves his family.  He has been married for 28 years to his Lady, Wendy.   Together, they have two adult daughters.  His daughter Frani is a Cosmetologist and his daughter Gabbi is a Freshman in college.
  • Sir Knight Brian is a leader – both in business and in the Community.  As a long time member of the Site Planning committee, a coach with the local Softball program and involvement with the Highschool gymnastics team, Brian gives back to his community.  In business, Brian is a Director at Optum Health, where he leads a team of Coaches.  
  • Sir Knight Brian is a Masonic Leader.  Brian has given years of leadership to his Lodge as a Past Master and the Grand Lodge on the Membership committee.  Brian also is a leader in all of the York Rite bodies, serving as Grand Commander, Grand Principal Conductor of the work and Grand Master of the  1st Veil.  He is the Grand Inner Guard for the Grand Guardian Council of Minnesota Job’s Daughters, along with his Lady, the Grand Guide.  He has even managed to inspire his daughters to leadership, Frani as Miss Minnesota Jobs Daughter, and Gabbi who has recently retired her cape and crown as Supreme Bethel Honored Queen 2019 – 2021.
  • Sir Knight Brian has a view of how Modern Chivalry has a place in the world.  The ancient tenants of our Order can have as much of an impact in the current world as it did in the ancient world.

Modern Chivalry is a choice - to do the right thing, at the right time, in the right place. Look in the mirror daily - you are someone's image of what a Sir Knight is! Be the future of Knighthood in our Order, in our World, for our Lord

SK Brian Dimatteo